Mother Mary

Mother Mary

Mary was not a simple village girl, naive, uneducated, without culture and Knowledge.

Instead he was immersed in Spirituality and had devoted herself to the Spirit of God through spiritual Work, unceasingly.

She has chosen to be close to people who invoke her with all her Love and Care.

But she can not change people’s lives, nor eliminate the consequences of their actions.

This Work belongs exclusively to people themselves.

So she does not need honors or praise.

What really excites her is to see the human race turn to the Infinite Love, the Purity and the Spirit of God as Christ explained in simple words so that EVERYONE can understand him:

“Love each other…

Do not think about tomorrow …

Let it worry about itself “

Only Love without expectations.


Message of Jesus

Dear ones! We are close to you and we are happy to see you, as the Earth and the whole Universe, this Physical one, of this Dimension that you live

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