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Message of Jesus

Dear ones! We are close to you and we are happy to see you, as the Earth and the whole Universe, this Physical one, of this Dimension that you live as human beings, enters this new era of the Highest Frequency – Vibration of the greatest amount of Light. You are called to embrace the Light and escape Programming, otherwise Synchronicities and Acceleration, will make you suffer a lot, our beloved ones. Let yourself know what it is in your Living Heart. Which is the Living Light that gives the Rythm of your Heart, in the Rhythm of Love, Wholeness, Connection, Acceptance, Gratitude.

You are all One.
We Are All One.
Everything is One.

The extreme Separation that exists in the human world is many steps beyond what this Physical Life in the Physical World requires. But now you have the challenge to be able to conceive it, to be Aware and to proceed to the STEPS of LIGHT. THE LIGHT STEPS. ON THE ENLIGHTED PATH.

It’s been a long time since they showed you what the path is and you had to follow it. It is time to let your Heart lead you to the path of Light, Evolution, the Path of Love, Acceptance, Ascension. I passed through this World with a human form, wanting to GIVE THE MESSAGE OF LOVE and LIGHT, through many difficulties and a lot of hostility, in a kingdom dominated by another Power, a Dark one, but I came because I HAD TO… I came because I had to come, to give you the opportunity to have a choice.

To be able to WAKE UP through this lethargy that you have been living and still living in for thousands of years. Your World is one of the many worlds that have existed on Earth. Some passed, reached their peak and then disappeared. They paid the price for their choices and mistakes, but before this, they had the opportunity to embrace the Oneness, the Wholeness, the Highest dimension of Love.

You have the opportunity to choose between a new world, an earthly paradise for this short life, the short human life and the bars of a PRISON on the other hand, which is the PROGRAMMING that has been done for you, before you , to follow it, as it has been for a very long time now… To do this, everything has to change, but it will start with a small step, by looking in the mirror into your eyes and wondering what you see inside. And then ask me what you want, from your heart.


Mother Mary

Mother Mary Mary was not a simple village girl, naive, uneducated, without culture and Knowledge. Instead he was immersed in Spirituality and had devoted herself to the Spirit of God

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