2022 Opportunities for CHANGE-Death and Rebirth

Every day is a challenge

Every day is an opportunity

Every day is a small death of the Ego

Every day is a Rebirth into New Spiritual Life

Lessons are over

Preparations are Past

Religions are a Dead Letter

The Exercises are insufficient

Masks are now Transparent

Yesterday doesn’t exist

Tomorrow is carved by your Spiritual Self and you cannot access It unless you join It

Relationships are toppled beyond repair

2022 challenges to DISSOLVE within Spiritual Heaven

2022 Arrows that strike your wooden Ego

2022 Earthquakes shaking your Structured Personality

2022 Angels with messages for You

2022 Guides to guide you

2022 griefs for what you lose

2022 Joys for what you get

2022 Denials

2022 Conclusions

All are within

Message of Jesus

Dear ones! We are close to you and we are happy to see you, as the Earth and the whole Universe, this Physical one, of this Dimension that you live

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Mother Mary

Mother Mary Mary was not a simple village girl, naive, uneducated, without culture and Knowledge. Instead he was immersed in Spirituality and had devoted herself to the Spirit of God

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