Welcome dear souls!!!

I'm Hanuk. I'm here to offer my help and guidance to overcome your hardships and go higher.

These are really very "interesting" days. As you can see, is getting more and more intense. It's high time to make a choice for YOU,

There is a great opportunity to find your REAL YOU.

Who you REALLY are, without the social conventions. Without your EGO and PERSONALITY.
It's your choice to do or become whoever you want.


Everyone has his/her own path. There no same challenges to everyone. Let me show you the Way in that 2month Spiritual Life Coaching
Angel reiki session. Connect with the Angels and Archangels of Divine planes to help you in whatever matter you need. …as long as it is for the Good!
This session can help you change your life path, heal you from many issues, according to the Divine Plan of your Soul
The masters of the 7 rays of Creation, will help you to whatever matter concerns you, as long as it is for the Highest Good!


Member of Healing practitioners in the world


Who am I:

I was born in Greece from humble village parents that had both very important issues with self-confidence and fear.

My childhood was really traumatic.
They did what they could, they did what they knew. I had to live a life alien to me trying to fit in a world I couldn’t understand.

Making a lot of concessions to fit-in was a one way road to me and of course that made me SAD.

I had to face my daemons, fears, to live the Dark Night of the Soul.

It’s been almost 30 years walking the spiritual path through meditation, yoga and studying sacred scripts.

Through Darkness, Hell and the Death of personality and Ego, the Spirit spoke to me, as I became a vessel for messages from the Spirit World.

What I really wanted was to share THE MESSAGE OF SIMPLICITY with the human tribe.

I could easily see that human life had become TOO COMPLEX and FAR FAR AWAY FROM THE SOURCE. The effect was MISERY, SADNESS and DEPRESSION. I felt that this was a MAJOR MESSAGE to share and I devoted my life to this

I devoted my life to Spiritual Service through:

Change the world

It all starts with you

I know why I am Here and I am for YOU.

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